Ресторант Хемингуей меню

Ресторант Хемингуей

Защото животът може да се живее като празник. Всеки ден.

В центъра на града на тиха уличка до Римския Одеон се намира Ресторант Хемингуей град Пловдив. Естетика и уют се съчетават в бохемския интериор и някак естествено се нареждат на старите лавици с книги. 

Ресторант Хемингуей меню


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OH MY GOSH THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Definitely a 7 out of 5. Started out with the grilled goat cheese and strawberry salad, which was so good that we devoured it in about five minutes(pretty good sized salad, too!). I got the Havana burger, and was blown away with how delicious it was. My boyfriend got the pork with herbs, potatoes and carmelized onions, and it was not only fantastic tasting, but also perfectly cooked. Definitely give this place a try! Another plus - the menu is in both Bulgarian and English!

Sara Gindes

Клиент на ресторанта
Simply wonderful. Great, tasty food with a surprising twist to every meal that's sure to delight.

The service was outstanding - polite, sweet waiters ready to attend.

All meals arrived quickly and at the same time. The five main courses we ordered were brought to our tables around 10-15 minutes after we ordered, all together, so everyone could start their meal immediately.

Well worth the money and I'll be sure to visit again when I return to Plovdiv.

Anna Ivanova

Клиент на ресторанта

Място за хранене, срещи, вино и музика.